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DPF/EGR Cleaning & Terraclean available at Regency Autos - Cambridge

We are one of the leading garages in DPF diagnosis and cleaning. DPF filters blocking is very common in modern diesel vehicles and all our technicians have specialist training in actually finding the route cause of why the DPF filter has blocked. Many people overlook why the DPF filter has blocked and just clean it resulting in the problem re occurring. We have specialist cleaning facilities so when the DPF filter blockage cause has been rectified we can then deep clean the DPF.

Regency now have many EGR fittings that connect to our EGR Cleaning machine. We can clean the EGR system and the Turbocharger to prevent or rectify problems in these systems. We also have specialist equipment for cleaning direct injection intake valves/ports (a common problem with modern direct injection petrol engines).

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